Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Very Kind Birthday Gift

Today we celebrated my St. Patrick's Day birthday, albeit two days early.  It included a delicious, homemade meal from Paige, lots of nice presents and good company with my wonderful family.

But the most curious birthday gift was an anonymous card which stated the following:

Mrs. Naisbitt,

I heard it was your birthday.  There is a cliche about having good kids be the best present a mother could hope for.  If that's true, I just wanted to be a part of that for you - you have great kids.

I just opened a pie shop - it's only been six months but feels like most of my life in a lot of ways.  Yesterday was Pi day - 3.14 - and a big day in the pie trade.  Generally we have two people in the shop, sometimes just one.  I scheduled to have six people at different points throughout the day, expecting we'd have more people than usual.  I had a good head start the night before and got to the shop fairly early.  Long story short, several of my helpers came late, one cancelled, and crowds were much bigger than anything I'd ever experienced.  By mid afternoon we were down to nearly no pie and very little in the oven, with a line out the door.  It was a very stressful, overwhelming moment.  I had to turn away a few customers with gift cards and still had no idea what to do - we were so far behind, supposed to be open for several more hours, and i knew we would have more crowds at night because of a Facebook event we had invited people to online.  Just then, Chase grabbed me and told me he had a food handlers permit and asked if he could help.  He was incredible.  For the next hours - I don't even know how many - he rolled out dough and made pie crusts and very truly saved the night for us.  He just got to work, made crusts faster and prettier than myself, was so pleasant with the other workers, and so - just . . . great.  I was so overwhelmed and ended the night so happy.  At the end of the night he even tried to buy some pie.  I owed him so much and he was still being generous.  And Paige is so great, too.  We have been friends since college and she is so smart and successful but also is kind and positive.  she has supported my shop and helped me feel like I'm doing something cool when I sometimes wonder what in the world I got myself into.  in short, you have great kids -

Thank you and Happy Birthday.
I couldn't have been more happy.  And so I send a grateful thanks to
  1. The Press Sweet Cidery
  2. Restaurant
  3. Address: 4536 South Highland Drive, Millcreek, UT 
  4. for taking the time to make my birthday a very special day! Yes, I am very proud and thankful for good kids and a good husband! 
  5. XOXO Meg

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