Sunday, February 20, 2011

Decalogue and Articles

Today as I was attending a conference at the Eccles Park Ward, I noticed a paper on the wall entitled, The Teen Commandments.  I quite liked them and decided to post them here.

1.  Don't let your parents down; they brought you up.
2.  Choose your companions with care; you become what they are.
3.  Be master of your habits or they will master you.
4.  Treasure your time; don't spend it, invest it.
5.  Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.
6.  Select only a date that would make a good mate.
7.  See what you can do for others; not what they can do for you.
8.  Guard your thoughts.  What you think-- you are.
9.  Don't fill up on this world's crumbs; feed your soul on living bread.
10. Give your all to Christ; He gave His all for you.

The Ten Commandments, recognized as "a moral foundation in Judaism and Christianity" are moral imperatives given to us from God.  When Chase left on his mission in May of 2007, I desired to bestow on him my own little set of moral imperatives to be his constant companion.  I printed up a credit card with a picture on one side and The Thirteen Articles of of Mumsy (Chase's coinage) on the other.  They are as follows:


1. I believe that Chase will be a great missionary!
2.  I believe that Chase knows he is loved.  We will miss you but are so proud of your decision.
3. I believe that Chase will write a weekly letter to the family (Mumsy primarily).
4. I believe that Chase will write thank you notes to all who give gifts, service or kindness of any kind within two weeks.
5.  I believe that Chase will not have to handle his clothes twice.  Hang them up or throw them in the laundry basket.
6.  I believe that Chase will stay organized, keep things put away and calendared timely.
7.   I believe that Chase will pray for guidance by the spirit.  Stay close to the Lord and listen to those small promptings to guide and direct you.
8.   I believe that Chase will follow the two day rule:  Return all borrowed or loaned items within two days in better condition than when they were received.
9.   I believe Chase knows that he is in our prayers everyday.
10. I believe Chase will have tolerance and patience with his companions, even when they drive him crazy.
11.  I believe Chase may want to log on to the Family Web Page.
12.  I believe Chase's testimony of the gospel will strengthen and broaden.
13.  I believe in Christ and Chase!                     Love, Mumsy

I think Chase really did follow these 13 Articles --at least I like to think so.  At any rate, I have great kids that have brought much joy to my life.  And I went home rejoicing.