Sunday, March 13, 2011

M&M's Family of Nuts

I dedicate this blog to a very fun friend whose insight, humor and intellect capture the dynamics of our family.   Robin Lewis Farr masterfully painted M&M's family of nuts.  The portrait is complete with our two lovely peach pits, the Brazil nut and two aging walnuts. Brilliant! 

Saturday Evening POST, May 16, 1959

And from the archives of the Saturday Evening POST (or was she spying through the front window?) Robin reveals Sunday morning at the Naisbitts!  Amazing, Robin, just amazing!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I just returned from the cemetery to pay homage to Zeke.  Twenty four years today.  *Janice Kapp Perry told me that one day it would become a bitter-sweet experience.  It has, but the memories and emotions are still so deep and poignant in my mind.  In that cold, stark white hospital room was one breath of beauty -- the vase of golden yellow daffodils.   My sweet friend, Judy Millard cut them from her garden to bring a ray of hope to an otherwise dismal situation. She even dug the bulbs up as a farewell present when we moved. I love daffodils. I look forward to their blooms in my yard each spring. 

Little ZSN

Over the coffin crib of our young son
We draped the coverings just so for one
Zeke Southwick Naisbitt (promised earthly joy)
Such a big name for just a day old boy.

Though tears fall from our broken hearts - bereft,
Time but brief succeeds in its quick theft.
For life's a whole, continuing chain of careness
And death is overcome at that awareness.

While earth days left to us will take their toll,
Sleep well, dear little son, in your green knoll.


From the porch at Wildcat Lane
We see your grave with greening grass.
Through the still dawn or evening's wane,
We hark for steps that never pass.

We will not grieve at your demise;
You needed but one day of birth
To see with wise, celestial eyes.

Not wanting lessons taught on earth,
You followed heavenly semaphores
Back to your promised guarantors.

We grieve for us who still must stay
To conquer tasks of our earth day.

Zeke Southwick Naisbitt
March 5-6, 1987

With all my love.

* Janice Kapp Perry states, "I wrote "Where is Heaven" on a melancholy afternoon when I was thinking of our little son Richard who had lived for only five hours following his birth."

"I often found myself wondering exactly where he was and what he was doing during the time of our separation from him. I strained to remember our pre-mortal existence, hoping to find comfort from what had happened there. But the veil remained firmly in place, leaving me to walk by faith for now. My comfort came from realizing that the only glimpse of heaven I could have right now was that which I felt in the presence of our own earthly family. I prayed that Richie felt that same happiness with those loved ones who greeted him on the other side of the veil. Although the lyrics do not explicitly talk about death, the song has most often been sung at the funerals of children, so something I was feeling evidently came through these words."

Where is Heaven (JKP, 1977)

I wish I could remember the days before my birth
And if I knew the Father before I came to earth.
In quiet moments when I'm all alone
I close my eyes and try to see my heav'nly home.

Where is heaven? Is it very far?
I would like to know if it's beyond the brightest star.
Where is heaven? Will you show the way?
I would like to learn and grow and go there some day.

I wish I could remember the Father's loving face.
And all the friends and family that filled that holy place.
Was I a child there? Did I walk with God?
And was that where I learned about the Iron Rod?

Repeat Chorus

Although I can't remember, and cannot clearly see
I listen to the Spirit, and so I must believe.
But still I wonder, and I try to find
The answer to the question that is on my mind.

Repeat Chorus

I've a feeling that it's not so far
When you're with the ones you love,
It's right where you are.